Transition to a company with a board of directors and change of representative



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At the board of directors meeting held on October 19, 2018, we decided to transition to a company with a board of directors and change the position of the representative director.

  1. Reason for change
    In view of the severe business environment surrounding our company, we will change the representative and establish a board of directors in order to strengthen the management system and further improve business performance.
  2. Contents of Newly Appointed Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
    • Representative Director, CEO and COO Wataru Fukatsu (current position: COO/CBO)
    • Representative Director, CEO and CTO Hiroyuki Yamada (current position: CTO)
    • Outside Director Takenobu Obinata (Representative Director and President of Mitsuwa Sangyo)
    • Part-time Auditor: Ryo Hasuhara (Representative Partner of Himawari Tax Accountant Corporation)
  3. Retiring Director
    President and Representative Director Takao Murakoshi
  4. Biography of Newly Appointed Representative Director and CEO
    • Name: Wataru Fukatsu
    • Date of birth: October 4, 1972
    • Brief history: 1998 Joined Oracle Corporation Japan
      Appointed CBO of Orb Co., Ltd. in 2017
      Joined the company in 2018 as COO and CBO


    • Name: Hiroyuki Yamada
    • Date of birth: January 11, 1980
    • 2004 Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation
      2014 Joined Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo (current position)
      2016 Joined Orb Co., Ltd. Appointed CTO
      2018 Joined the Company Appointed as CTO
  5. Date of appointment: October 19, 2018