July 24th and 25th: Exhibit at Tech Beat Shizuoka



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This event is the first event to be held jointly by Shizuoka Bank and Shizuoka Prefecture. It is held for the purpose of creating new value in the prefecture and an opportunity to innovate existing businesses.

At the Scalar booth, we will announce the distributed ledger technology software ScalarDLT and examples of its use: a solution for information banks, a solution that supports the electronic book storage law for expense settlement, and an attendance management solution that covers work accident risks during side jobs.

Also, from 12:40 on Thursday, July 25th, the second day of the event, Fukatsu, co-representative of Scalar, will be on stage for a session on a special stage.

Overview of the event

Name: TECH BEAT Shizuoka
Venue: Granship (2-3-1 Higashi Shizuoka, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8019)
Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required, 1 account per person)
Organizer: TECH BEAT Shizuoka Executive Committee
Target: Companies in Shizuoka Prefecture / Startup companies with technology
Website: https://techbeat.jp