Distributed ledger software ScalarDLT adopted for consent management service provided by MyData Intelligence



Distributed ledger software Scalar DLT, developed and provided by Scalar Inc., was launched on June 18, 2018. The consent management service "dooi (Doi) *1" was adopted.

MDI has launched a Consent Management Platform (CMP*2) as a service that streamlines consent acquisition and management procedures when companies acquire and use user information, and supports appropriate data operation. (Doi)" brand name. On June 18, the cookie data permission management function was launched as "dooi_1.0".

For the construction of this service, we have adopted ScalarDLT, a distributed ledger software, and Scalar IST, a consent management solution template for information banks.

For details of "dooi" provided by MDI, please refer to the link below.


*1: "dooi"
Data Opt Out & In is a consent management service provided by MDI.

*2: Consent Management Platform (CMP)
CMP is a consent management service that presents the handling of acquired data to consumers and uses only those that have given their consent. With this service, consumers can centrally manage which company collects their data and for what purpose, and they can stop it.

About Scalar, Inc.

Established in December 2017. A database vendor that researches and develops distributed ledger software Scalar DLT with scalability and tamper resistance. We will also develop consent management middleware for the acquisition, use, and provision of personal data to third parties.
With “The World’s Reliable Database” as its vision, it utilizes its own highly reliable database to promote corporate DX.



Established in September 2018. Aiming to build a data distribution ecosystem that allows consumers to control their own data and utilize personal data, we launched an information bank (information trust function) service, My Data Bank "MEY" in July 2019. ” is now available.
Promote initiatives to realize an advanced data distribution society that places the highest priority on compliance, ethics, consumer protection, etc.


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