Public use of 'ScalarDL Sandbox' to experience distributed ledger software ScalarDL



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Scalar, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu, CEO and CTO Hiroyuki Yamada, hereinafter "Scalar") is an environment where you can experience ScalarDL, Scalar's proprietary distributed ledger software. , "ScalarDL Sandbox" has started general use.
Scalar aims to increase the number of ScalarDL users and application developers by providing this environment.

Date and time: Friday, January 24, 2019 Reception starts at 19:00
Venue: LINE Corporation (JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower Reception: 5F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

What is ScalarDL Sandbox

ScalarDL Sandbox is a minimal configuration environment hosted by Scalar for the purpose of experiencing ScalarDL. By using the sandbox, you can understand the overview of ScalarDL and experience smart contracts.

About usage

A Github account is required to use the ScalarDL Sandbox. Please obtain a Github account in advance and apply for usage from the following URL.

In addition, since this environment is a shared environment used by multiple users, it cannot be used for development or performance verification assuming actual use. Please contact us for the development/verification environment assuming actual use.

What is ScalarDL

ScalarDL is a distributed ledger software developed by Scalar.
ScalarDL achieves high tamper resistance by executing smart contracts with electronic signatures in the form of distributed transactions and managing the execution results in a chain with multiple independent components.
In addition, it achieves high scalability, strong consistency, and determinism that were difficult to achieve with conventional blockchains, and meets the requirements of full-scale enterprise systems.
Scalar DL is currently available on-premises and on Amazon Web Service, and will be available in various cloud environments in the future.

About Scalar, Inc.

Representative Director, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu
Representative Director, CEO and CTO: Hiroyuki Yamada
Established: December 2017
Business: Research, development and provision of distributed ledger software

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