Fukatsu, co-representative of Scalar, took the stage at NoMaps2018



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At NoMaps 2018 held in Sapporo on October 10, 2018, Wataru Fukatsu, COO of our company, talked about the future of blockchain with investor Shinichiro Isago from LINE, Hideaki Takahashi from Mobile Factory, and Daisuke Tsuboi from INDETAIL. Participated in a panel discussion titled

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In 2018, the domestic recognition rate of “Bitcoin” was close to 90%, and blockchain is steadily moving from attention to realistic social implementation. This time, in order to introduce the latest real efforts, LINE, Scalar, and Mobile Factory, three companies that are promoting innovative efforts using blockchain, were invited as guests to hold a panel discussion. He talks about business transformation and the future due to the introduction of blockchain.

Site: https://no-maps.jp/event/conference/blockchain2018


Shinichiro Isago (LINE)

LINE Corporation Developer Relations Team Manager / Platform Evangelist

In order to realize LINE's smart portal strategy, we plan and promote a business platform strategy that shortens the distance between companies and society and individuals by widely disseminating technologies such as AI and chat bots that bring about lifestyle changes. responsible person.

After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology, he experienced many ERP implementation projects and new business development while working at Oracle Japan, a strategy consultant at Roland Berger, and a product marketing manager at Realcom, which was listed on Mothers.
Since the dawn of the cloud, he has actively promoted Microsoft Azure technology enlightenment and startup support as a Microsoft evangelist before taking up his current position.

Hideaki Takahashi (Mobile Factory)

Mobile Factory Inc. Mobile Service Division Uniqys Team Product Manager

Joined Mobile Factory Co., Ltd. in 2015.
He is in charge of front-end development and construction in the mobile content business. He is currently the product manager responsible for the Uniqys Project.

Daisuke Tsuboi (INDETAIL)


Obtained an MBA from Otaru University of Commerce Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.
After accumulating development experience as a system engineer in the IT industry, he became the manager of the Sapporo branch in the HR industry.
Established an IT venture in 2009 with the vision of "building a role model for local ventures". Since September 2017, he has also been a visiting professor at Hokkaido University of Science.

With the vision of creating a new technological base in Hokkaido as a “cluster of blockchain technology”, he launched a voluntary organization “Blockchain Hokkaido Innovation Program (BHIP)”. He conducts blockchain awareness activities.

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