Distributed ledger software ScalarDLT has been adopted for Sarubobo Coin Plan, Japan's first new electric power plan exclusively for electronic community currency users.



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Scalar, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu, CEO and CTO Hiroyuki Yamada, hereinafter referred to as 'Scalar, Inc.') was developed by Scalar based on its own distributed ledger technology. E-Network Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Oikawa; hereinafter referred to as "ENS") uses the database software ScalarDLT as a common reception system when providing new electric power services under multiple business entity brands. We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted.

In addition, as the first step, Japan's first new electric power plan exclusively for electronic community currency users, "Sarubobo Coin Plan powered by ENS", which began service provision on December 3, uses this system.

Scalar DLT that supports flexible expansion and contraction of the system

The electricity reception system is characterized by a gradual increase in subscribers, a sudden increase in subscribers due to campaigns, etc., and then a decrease in subscribers as the system becomes more widespread.
As an electric power OEM platform, ENS provides new electric power services of multiple business entity brands, and there is a need for flexible expansion and reduction of the system because it is not possible to predict the increase or decrease in subscribers due to the campaigns of each business entity. was.
ScalarDLT ensures system availability even with a minimal configuration and can be flexibly expanded or contracted as needed, meeting the needs of ENS, which needed flexible system construction and operation according to increases and decreases in subscribers. It was something.

About ScalarDLT

ScalarDLT is a software product consisting of distributed database software ScalarDB and distributed ledger software ScalarDL.
ScalarDLT has high tamper resistance by executing smart contracts with electronic signatures in the form of distributed transactions and managing the execution results in a chain with multiple independent components.
In addition, it achieves high scalability, strong consistency, and determinism that were difficult to achieve with conventional blockchains, and meets the requirements of full-scale enterprise systems.

About “Sarubobo Coin Plan powered by ENS”

The Sarubobo Coin Plan, a new electricity plan, is an electricity plan that Sarubobo Bank users who use Sarubobo Coins can apply for.
Users can pay with Sarubobo coins and receive up to 8% of the electricity bill as "Sarubobo points" at the same electricity rate as Chubu Electric Power's metered lighting B and C rates.
Sarubobo coins earn 1% of Sarubobo points when charged, so you can use them at a discounted price of 9% in total. Accumulated Sarubobo points can be used for payment at member stores in the same way as Sarubobo coins.
In addition, electricity charges can be confirmed by push notification from the smartphone application, making it a highly convenient service for users.

About Scalar Inc.

Representative Director, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu
Representative Director, CEO and CTO: Hiroyuki Yamada
Established: December 2017
Business: Research, development and provision of distributed ledger software
URL: https://scalar-labs.com

About E-Network Systems Co., Ltd.

Established in April 2015. Electricity retailer E-Network Systems (ENS) operates his OEM platform for electric power retailers that enables "entry into the electric power business with zero initial cost". We supply electricity to our customers through partner companies.
The parent company is Mitsuwa Sangyo Co., Ltd., a long-established LP gas operator founded 78 years ago (has a customer base of about 200,000 including direct sales and wholesale in the Kanto region).
URL: http://www.enetsystems.co.jp

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