An interview article of Fukatsu, co-representative of Scalar, Inc., was posted on PLAZMA.



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An interview with Wataru Fukatsu, representative of Scalar, ""The future based on technology can be predicted" information bank, original distributed ledger technology, ScalarDLT" was posted on PLAZMA.

Please read the interview about the changes caused by the social implementation of information banks, the technical background that supports them, and the ScalarDLT we provide.

Main contents

  • Emergence of information banks that change the way personal information is handled
  • Provision of information must be beneficial to consumers
  • Proprietary distributed ledger software, ScalarDLT
  • To return control of information to individuals
  • A future where the number of front-end devices exceeds tens of billions
  • To a world that trusts the system
  • A technology-based future is predictable

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[The future based on technology can be predicted] Information bank, proprietary distributed ledger technology, Scalar DLT