COO Wataru Fukatsu on stage at FIN/SUM×REG/SUM 2018



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At FIN/SUM×REG/SUM 2018 held on September 27, 2018, our COO Fukatsu and Yoichi Koshida from Microsoft's Enterprise Business Headquarters gave a presentation on the theme of "Smart Retail Realized with Blockchain." . For the materials used on the day, please see our part from the link below.

FIN/SUM 2018/09/27 Proposal of a new distribution model based on payments and smart contracts from Wataru Fukatsu

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Mr. Koshida, Microsoft

  • Microsoft's Mission for Japanese Retail
  • Measures to solve Japan's problems
  • Digital transformation of business models
  • D2O model through store media, etc. from cashless
  • Significance and Solution of Blockchain in Retail Industry

Wataru Fukatsu, Scalar

  • Relationship between payments and smart contracts
  • Campaign use cases with payments and smart contracts
  • Required requirements
  • What to expect from the cloud (Microsoft Azure COSMOS DB is a key technology)