Collaborate on My Data Intelligence, Arm Treasure Data, Scalar, and consent management services for the acquisition, use, and provision of personal data to third parties



Scalar, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Scalar),MY DATA INTELLIGENCE INC. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter MDI), Treasure Data Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Scalar), a Japanese subsidiary of British Arm Arm Treasure Data), a consent management platform (hereinafter referred to as CMP*1) provided by MDI as a service that manages consent to terms and conditions that are specified when consumers visit corporate websites or receive services. Based on , we will jointly start providing a consent management service that combines Arm Treasure Data's customer data platform and Scalar's distributed ledger software from March 2020.

In recent years, society has come to demand high ethical standards and transparency in the handling of personal information, and the handling of personal data is becoming a major risk for corporate activities.
Risk management related to personal data is no longer just a marketing issue, but an important management issue.

Furthermore, in terms of laws and systems, the Personal Information Protection Commission has announced the ``Personal Information Protection Act, the So-called Three Yearly Review System Revision Outline''. Regarding data called "cookies" that record browsing history of the web and personal data when conducting various online procedures, document requests, questionnaires, inquiries, etc. , it is important for companies to obtain consent after clearly specifying the data content, purpose of use, method of data retention, etc. when receiving data.
The Japan Fair Trade Commission has also issued a policy to strictly guide platform operators and companies on data utilization that leads to abuse of their superior bargaining position.

On the other hand, looking at the technology side, in digital advertising, cookies, which ad technology companies have used so far, are not only from the perspective of the revised Personal Information Protection Law, but also Apple Inc. As typified by ITP2.3, the technology used in browsers is also undergoing a revolution, such as cookies for tracking access across websites that are subject to deletion and can no longer be used.
In the future, it is believed that the importance of 1st party data in corporate data utilization will increase compared to 3rd party data.

Therefore, MDI, Arm Treasure Data, and Scalar have come to a common understanding that it is time to reconsider how personal data such as cookies are used, and have agreed to jointly provide CMP solutions for companies. .

In addition, MDI will expand collaboration with other solution providers to support corporate activities that emphasize consumer privacy protection.
In addition, regarding consent management for cookies, etc., we are considering linking with the CMP provided by the company and the People Driven DMP provided by Dentsu Inc.

Overview of “Consent Management Platform”

MDI's CMP has some functions of the information bank service "My Data Bank MEY" launched in 2019 by the company, which is developing a business that supports the utilization of personal data, and Scalar's high tampering detection capability. Combined with the distributed ledger software ScalarDLT*2, it provides a mechanism for managing consent documents and consent.
Furthermore, by linking with Arm's customer data platform "Arm Treasure Data CDP" (*3), it is possible to seamlessly realize marketing measures such as advertisements and emails using consent data, various analyzes, and data utilization.

同意管理プラットフォームの概要In addition to obtaining consent for the use of cookies, which is covered by general CMP, we provide the following functions.

  1. Management of consent documents (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, etc.)
    • Registration of consent documents, revision of consent documents (response to whether re-consent is required or not)
    • "Collected data items", "purpose of use", "expiration date", and "third party provider" are linked to the consent document
  2. Giving Consent Document Information to Collected Data
  3. Consumers' reference to and withdrawal of consent documents that they have consented to

By using these functions, it is possible not only to obtain consent for the use of cookies, but also to manage the access history of site visitors and the utilization of personal data of consumers while complying with laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Law. We will support you to do so and contribute to the improvement of your company's brand value.

*1: Consent Management Platform (CMP)
CMP is a consent management service that presents the handling of acquired data to consumers and uses only those that have given their consent. Individuals can centrally manage which company collects their data and for what purpose, and can stop it.

*2: Scalar DLT
It consists of distributed database software ScalarDB and distributed ledger software ScalarDL, executes smart contracts with electronic signatures in the form of distributed transactions, and manages the execution results in a chain with multiple independent components. As a result, while maintaining high tamper resistance, it achieves high scalability, strong consistency, and determinism that were difficult to achieve with conventional blockchains.

*3: Arm Treasure Data CDP
Arm Treasure Data CDP (Customer Data Platform) integrates customer data such as digital behavior log data and attribute data of each customer in areas such as online advertising distribution, marketing, and CRM (customer management system). It is a platform that enables improvement of customer loyalty centered on personalization and digital business transformation.


Established in September 2018. Aiming to build a data distribution ecosystem that allows consumers to control their own data and utilize personal data, we launched an information bank (information trust function) service, My Data Bank "MEY" in July 2019. ” is now available. We will play a role in an advanced data distribution society that places the highest importance on compliance, ethics, consumer protection, etc., amidst the need for stronger relationships of trust between consumers, companies, and society.


Arm Treasure Data

The customer data platform (CDP) provided by Arm Treasure Data integrates data from each customer's digital and offline behavior, data generated by IoT devices, etc., to provide excellent customer experiences and digital It is a platform that enables business transformation by
Arm Treasure Data is the data business unit of Arm's IoT Services Group and has over 400 customers worldwide, including the Fortune 500.

Scalar, Inc.

Established in December 2017. A database vendor that researches and develops distributed ledger software Scalar DLT with scalability and tamper resistance.
We will also develop consent management middleware for the acquisition, use, and provision of personal data to third parties. With “The World’s Reliable Database” as its vision, it utilizes its own highly reliable database to promote corporate DX.

Representative Director, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu
Representative Director, CEO and CTO: Hiroyuki Yamada
Established: December 2017
Business: Research, development and provision of distributed ledger software

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