Began developing solutions for information banks



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Scalar Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Wataru Fukatsu, hereinafter referred to as Scalar) today started developing solutions for "information banks" and data utilization businesses that utilize distributed ledger software.

In the framework of the "information bank" led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the handling of personal information and non-identifiable information is emphasized, and in particular, data traceability and controllability for consumers is an issue that should be addressed with the highest priority.

ScalarDLT, Scalar's distributed ledger software, executes smart contracts with electronic signatures in the form of distributed transactions, and manages the execution results in a chain with multiple independent components, resulting in high tamper resistance. has


By managing data using ScalarDLT, it is possible to guarantee the controllability that consumers can decide where they want to provide data based on their own judgment. We provide traceability that allows you to check for what purpose it was used and provided.

In addition, for "information banks" and data utilization business operators, data processing and external provision can be automatically executed based on smart contracts to reduce individual operation man-hours. It is possible to reduce the man-hours for monitoring inside and outside the company.