About Us


Realizing Reliable Data Society

We will live in a data-centric society, where data will organically connect various systems, and various processes will be automated based on data. Our vision is to make such a data society safe and reliable.


Making Data Management More Reliable

To realize a data-centric society, we address the reliability challenges of data management, with the current focus on data consistency and data authenticity challenges.

About Us

Company name
Scalar, Inc.
209 faro Kagurazaka, 5-1, Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Founded Date
2017 / 12
Wataru Fukatsu (CEO & COO), Hiroyuki Yamada (CEO & CTO)


FIBC 2019 Grand Prix
FIBC 2019 Grand Prix
Microsoft Innovation Lab Award of Excellence
Microsoft Innovation Lab
Award of Excellence
ApacheCon 2019
@North America
ApacheCon 2020 @Home
ApacheCon 2020 @Home
VLDB 2022 @Sydney, Australia
VLDB 2022
@Sydney, Australia